Saturday, October 1, 2011

Protest Chaplains Occupy Boston! Join us!

"It seems to me that here we should admire above all Mary's obedience. And so we should be ready to obey too. This obedience is very revolutionary, because it's obedience to love. Obedience to love is very revolutionary, because it commands us to disobey everything else."    -- Comments on the Annunciation from Alejandro, a Nicaraguan fisherman who worshiped at the lay monastery at Solentiname.

We're in Dewey Square in Boston, just outside of the Federal Reserve, part of the Occupy Boston Faith and Spirituality Group.  We're praying, singing, meditating, and chanting our message of peace, reconciliation, and reform.  Come down and join us!

Though we're unabashedly Christians, people from all faith traditions (or none) are welcome to join us in this action.  We are all sisters and brothers united by love.  If you can, wear your liturgical garb: albs, robes, choir robes, prayer shawls.  Bring the sacred into the heart of the protest.  We're standing on the side of love.  How about you?  

Here's an invitation from our very own Marisa Egerstrom:

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  1. We're working with Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and spiritual-but-not-religious folks to set up workshops. In the meantime, ask anybody hanging around the Sacred Space if you just need someone to listen.