Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You need to watch what happened today. And how you can help!

The woman operating the camera really did an amazing job keeping her cool in a terrible situation.

Protesting is not a crime. Putting tarps over computer equipment and handmade signs to keep the rain off is not a crime.

Everyone we met this weekend, everyone we talked to, was so smart, generous, and committed to peace. The occupiers have been working so hard in General Assembly meetings to stay organized, comply with police requests, and bring life and spirit to the occupation that we absolutely fell in love with our new brothers and sisters. This is what hope looks like. This is what Christianity looks like.

And, good news! Despite the police raids this morning, those not arrested have been joined by many more - tonight's meeting in Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza seems to at least one Twitter observer to be possibly the largest yet.

Here's what you can do:
Send supplies! Contact: support@usdayofrage.org 347 640 0925
Send money for sleeping bags, generators and other supplies:
Send food! Do what Wisconsin did for their Capitol occupiers last spring and buy the occupiers an OccuPie pizza, made especially for the occupation by Liberato's Pizza in Lower Manhattan: 212-344-3464 ($15 for an OccuPie, they'll know what to do) or donate to the other food budget (so far soooo good!):

Best of all, though? GO TO WALL STREET! And TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
There has been much frustration over the "media blackout" resulting in so little coverage of this joyful, earnest, determined protest made of so many different people who all believe in justice. As Christians, we're especially bothered that this beautiful expression and work of hope is getting so little coverage  in comparison to coverage of the Tea Party and their religious rhetoric of hate.

BREAKING: SOLIDARITY OCCUPATION GROWING IN SAN FRANCISCO (555 California). Can't make it to the East Coast? Go to San Francisco!
Can't make it to New York? Occupy DC beginning October 6! http://october2011.org

THE STRATEGY: We're especially calling churches and clergy to go in your denomination's religious drag-o-choice (collars, albs, stoles, choir robes, whatever!) down to Zuccotti Park. Your presence will make it impossible to dismiss protesters as just a bunch of malcontent whiny kids, which is the narrative used by both the Left and the Right to ignore this incredible demonstration. All over the rest of the world, Occupy Wall Street is a huge news story! You can make it so in the US by going there as something unexpected -- Christians.

All you gotta do is show up and sing. Bring food & water! You want to see what Christ looks like? Look into the eyes and hearts of the people there. There he is.

Come and see. We promise.

We went, we saw, and we are transformed for it. Our whole team is still buzzing with excitement. Harvard Divinity School is hearing all about it. Priests and pastors from around the country are contacting us. It's time, sisters and brothers in Christ, friends of God: Out of the churches, and into the streets! Let's practice what we preach!

Love, blessings, and the light and peace of Christ,
The Protest Chaplains

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  1. Yes! Thank you for your efforts, love, and care!

    Allowing the world to see that everyone is distressed by this, not just "students" or "anarchists", that is a very valuable thing!

    It's part of this open letter to protesters: http://openletters2you.blogspot.com/2011/09/open-letter-to-occupywallstreet.html