Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love and peace to you, campers!

Yesterday, we saw what we recognize as the face of God in the meetings, the marches, the creativity, and the hope you shared with us. You, occupiers, are one family, one nation, one beautiful people, united near and far with the millions of supporters around the world who call you sisters and brothers. Together, we are so alive!

You inspired us. You sang with us. You chanted with us. And we are still with you, even from Boston.

This morning, at churches all over Boston and beyond, Christians heard about what we saw and felt and lived with you. We prayed for you and continue to do so. Even if you don't believe in that stuff, good vibes can't hurt, right?

We know your feet hurt and your voices ache because ours do too. We know you're exhausted but inspired. So tonight, as you settle in, full of pizza and good will, consider pulling your group together and doing the following meditation. Have one person read it. And let the silences sink in - go slow, don't rush.

As we close this long day, let us breathe in the peace that surrounds us underneath the city noise. There is calm here, underneath the sirens, the engines, the tension, and the talking. Listen for the silence, and breathe it in.


Let us bring to mind the pleasures of today: new friends, productive conversations, creativity.
Imagine that the warm feelings of gratitude are a soft blanket. Relax into the gratitude.


Let your heart, stomach, guts, bones, and muscles all fall gently into this warm, dark, quiet space. Let the gratitude wrap around you, protecting you, holding you safe.


In this space, bring to mind your frustrations, fear, tension, pain, irritation.


As you take a deep breath, imagine exhaling all of those frustrations. Let them dissolve into the night air. The silence, and the gratitude, still hold you. You can let go of all that has not been done today. Release the day. Exhale.


Imagine the millions of supporters around the world standing guard around Zuccotti Park or wherever you are sleeping. We are watching, praying, protecting you. You may let yourself rest in the hearts and love of this great family.

We are one family, breathing, hoping, becoming more alive together. Peace be with you. Good night.

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